Spanish omelette 10€

Omelette skewer 3,50€

Ham croquettes (6uds) 11€

Mixed croquettes (6uds) 11€

Patatas bravas with alioli 8€

Taiga Russian salad 11,50€

Scrambled eggs with Serrano ham 12,50€

Boletus cannelloni with truffle and parmesan cheese 13,50€

Truffle, mushroom and parmesan risotto 14,50€

Torreznos 10€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Chicken wings in barbecue sauce 9,50 (only in Conde Peñalver)

We recommend

Truffle, mushroom and parmesan risotto


Popcorn shrimp tempura 14,50€

Fried squid 15€

Tuna tataki with soy 13,50€

Tuna tataki with peppers and teriyaki sauce 14,50€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Grilled cuttlefish with garlic mayonnaise 13,50€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Galician octopus 18€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Braised octopus with truffled potato parmentier 19€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

*1. The tuna is treated and frozen in accordance with the regulations of Royal Decree 1420/2006, of December 1, 2006, on the prevention of anisakis parasitosis in fishery products.

Our favorite

Popcorn shrimp tempura


Crispy chicken strips with two sauces 13,50€

Steak tartar 17,50€ (only in Maria de Molina)

Pork cheeks in port wine with potato parmentier 16€

Cachopo with cabrales sauce served with french fries 17,50€

Diced beef tenderloin with padron peppers 22€

Marinated entraña with chimichurri 15,50€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Do not miss

Diced beef tenderloin with padron peppers


Avocado salad with crunchy onions 12,50€

Burrata salad with cherry tomato, pesto and mango salsa 13,50€

Tomato salad with tuna belly 12,50€

Green lovers

For those who like to eat healthy


Cheesecake 6,50€

Chocolate muffin 5,90€

Banana puff pastry with ice cream 6€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

Brownie with chocolate syrup 6€ (only in Conde Peñalver)

A Delight